Robin is an interaction designer with Huge working on projects with brands like UPS, AMC and Lowe's to create products and services for the digital economy. Her passion for human rights led her to create Say No More, an award winning game for girls at risk of sex trafficking and social workers who work with them. She also dedicates herself to freelance projects like with the US State Department Innovation Forum to build products that help accelerate action on issues like clean energy.

Born and raised in Toronto, she made the leap out to Atlanta, Georgia after spending a few years in New York City to earn her MFA in Design For Social Innovation at SVA.  She has a Canadian passport but is a global backpacker with an insatiable appetite for curiosity.  

In 2013, she led human rights education trips to Guatemala working with youth to deconstruct the myths and realities of fair trade and learning from the stories of indigenous communities affected by international mining companies. In 2012 she played a lead role in conducting focus groups in rural villages in India in order to provide recommendations for Swayam Shikshan Prayog, an NGO focused on rural women’s health practices in India. She has worked as an events coordinator, facilitator, writer and field researcher on issues related to human rights, design-thinking, human centered design, poverty,  food security and environmental sustainability. She has helped boost outreach and events coordination for numerous organizations while working intimately with communities around the world. 

She holds a BA in comparative religion and a community arts certificate from York University.  In 2014 she was named Feast fellow.  In 2010,  she was named a ¨Leader in the Field¨ by the George Cedric Metcalf Foundation.