Design Research for Afghanistan Artisan Toolkit

Developing roadmaps, stakeholder and system maps, webs content and report design for Afghanistan Artisan toolkit 


Design Research Internship with Despina Papadapoulos                                                      

The "Artisan Toolkit" aims to walk crafts people and Afghani Artisans through the process of taking handicrafts to market, including examples, best practices, the roadmap from craft to business (raw materials, product development, quality control, design, marketing etc). The toolkit is meant to reach a very wide spectrum of artisans, from illiterate women in rural areas to business owners who already have some exports and are exposed to international markets.

The toolkit will be richly illustrated and be in two  parts - one targeting semi-literate craft producers (and therefore depend on illustration bases story telling), while the second part will be addressing the needs of Level 2  artisans, who are more established in their business development.

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Factors of Success and Failure