On The Air

An investigation into air pollution and its affects on citizens in the South Bronx

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Group members : Juno Lee Robin Newman, Kate Nicholson, Yuka Uogishi


The South Bronx community in New York City, especially its children, faces unjust and disproportionate exposure to air pollution resulting in a diminished quality of life. A research project that looked in-depth at the problem of air pollution, particularly in the South Bronx where Asthma is amongst the highest in the nation. A solution was suggested to create a program to engage youth to analyze, monitor and map the issue of air pollution as a platform for education, expression and community-led initiatives.

In researching the problem, we interviewed multiple stakeholders including the Coalition Coordinator for the Bronx Regional Asthma Coalition and began to understand how invisible this issue truly is.  We mapped the system of inputs, key stakeholders and created a theory of change to help us define the goals needed to be acheived.