Plum Organics

Reimagining The Full Effect Program to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility

Project with Plum Organics at MFA Design for Social Innovation. Video made by: Gina Kim and Swar Raisinghani
Project by: Haya Shaath, Robin Newman, Meryl Natow, Gina Kim and myself

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Plum Organics is America's #1 leading baby food brand. The Full Effect Program is Plum Organics Corporate Social Responsibility branch dedicated to 'feeding little ones across America' with the aim to reduce food insecurity.

In our communications design class at DSI , six students and I formed a team to address this clients real-world problem.  We were asked to take the Full Effect to the next level. They aimed to increase the number of pouches they distributed from 50,000 to 1 million with The Full Effect 2.0. Over the course of the semester, we worked in teams to research the clients needs, speak with relevant partners, identify creative opportunities and develop strong communications strategy for the client.

Over three months we mapped and designed the right story to tell for both internal partners to better become cohesive, and also for mothers and children across all 50 states to understand how Plum can be of service. Through stakeholder interviews with partners such as Convoy Of Hope, Baby Buggy and Plum Organics we captured key insights and began to map their relationships.   


DSI Team members: Gina Kim, Meryl Natow, Robin Newman, Swar Raisinghani and Haya Shaath

For client confidentiality purposes we can only show a limited version of the project here.