Say No More Game

A game for pre teen girls and social workers to talk about sex trafficking in the USA

Animated Video made by Woosung
Project by: Robin Newman, Meghan Lazier and Michelle Kwon

Toys and games are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are precludes to serious ideas.   - Charles Ray Eames
Can a game really help to prevent domestic sex trafficking? 
We were crazy enough to think so. And others believed us too. Say No More has gained recognition from: 
  • The 2014 Sappi Ideas that Matter Grant along with ECPAT USA to develop and distribute 500 card games to pilot in New York City

  • 3rd Prize Winners to Develop a Digital Version of Say No More at Protohack NYC, 2014

  • Feast Fellow to provide workshops for participants, 2013

  • Play-testing, prototyping & developing with organizations such as The Bowery Mission, GirlUp Group, Do Something,  Antidote Games, Games for Change and more.

  • Conference speaking at Institute for Child Success, 2015

Say No More is a game between early-teen girls at risk (ages 12-15) and the social workers who work with them. For pre-teen girls at risk of sex trafficking, Say No More allows them to reflect on healthy relationships versus unhealthy relationships, learn to practice saying no and better understand how to assert themselves.

For social workers, it is a tool that allows them to easily understand the issue and become more familiar with the warning signs that at risk girls demonstrate in the groups they already work with. The game comes along with a suggested curriculum in order to become a valuable and more informed resource. 

Team Members:
Meghan Lazier
Michelle Kwon

Our Process:  

  • Analyzing and identifying pain points, and unmet needs. 

  • Mapping the possible solutions and competitive landscape

  • Prototyping and user testing with target audience girls 12-15 and social workers

  • Prototyping and testing with relevant stakeholders, including but not limited to

  • Business model development and identifying correct channels for distribution

  • Partnership Development

  • Production and Distribution of 500 games within and beyond NYC.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Impact

  • Appropriate context and intervention (Spanish translation, tailoring language and resources to audience's needs)