Volunteer Baseline Study on Rural Indian Women's Health Practices

Health Field Research with Swayam Shikshan Prayog in Osmanabad, India2012 

Research and recommendations were created based on a three year health program for SSP India on health gaps, services and health seeking behaviors of rural women in villages. Focus groups, interviews, photo documentation and written reports on agriculture and health were created.

Swayam Shiksan Prayog (SSP) is developing a 3-year program to respond to the greatest challenges and opportunities in the area of health, with a particular interest in the capacities and needs of village-level women. The following study was conducted by two researchers from Toronto, Canada, Robin Newman and Joanna Flatt.

The study is broken into two phases:

1.     A baseline assessment of health, water, sanitation & nutrition in 11 villages in the Tuljapur block.

2.     An in-depth analysis of village-level health services and the health seeking behaviours of women.

 The final report outlines the two parts of research completed over a 6-week period. In this time, all phases of data collection, analysis and final recommendations were presented.

Qualitative methodologies were used throughout the study.  Focus groups ranged in size from 5-30 village women. In Phase 2 the focus group conversations were complimented with one-to interviews targeting health care practitioners. 

Read the report here: 

See my travel blog here: http://curryandspice.tumblr.com/

* All Photography by Robin Newman

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